Getting Caught: Wee Dicks Playing In Construction Sites

“I’m gonna take a shit down this pipe,” said Tom*. “Cool!” I replied.And so I watched my friend squat over the already fitted mains water pipe for the planned kitchen of the construction site we were trespassing in. It was going to be a good summer. Throughout my childhood, Tom would be my on/off friend, … Continue reading

Going to Town: An Argyle Street Mugging

Glasgow in the 90’s: As kids, we were pretty much free to roam our neighbourhoods. One of our limitations was the city centre. Under no circumstances were we to go into town. The first time I went into town without my parents knowing, I had only enough money to buy a return ticket on the … Continue reading

Scams at 6: Entry Level Criminal Activity

I was 6 years old when I learnt how to make my own pocket money. My mother just had her second child and we had recently moved to Laurence Street (just off Byres road) along with my mother’s new boyfriend, now step-father. It was the second home I could remember, before that it was just … Continue reading